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    I thought I'd start a thread dedicated to those who have or are currently serving in the Armed Forces. I have 2 cousins who are closer to me than my own brothers who served tours in Iraq. They both have children the same ages as my little ones and left to serve their country. Sergeant Joseph Danes, United States Marine Corps- Injured in Iraq when the driver of the truck he was in the turret of fell asleep and the truck rolled.

    He was in a coma for 3 months and almost died. He has done so well on his PTs since he recovered that they cannot medically discharge him. Here is a pic w/ one of his daughters.

    And his brother, Sergeant Jacob Danes United States Marine Corps- with one of his sons on returning home.

    These men are 2 of my greatest friends and 2 of my heroes. I thank all who have left home and family to defend our freedom.
  2. What a great idea Jared...... a hard one,but a good one .I am trying to prepare myself for my youngest son to go to Iraq.........he is a few months off .........but I am SO not ready........ Praying for ALL those that are serving,have served and will serve and all of the friends and families that love them..... I am Proud !
    This is my youngest son, when he had just graduated from Army basic training
    and this one is me and Kenny saying goodbye yet again when he left for his school training...he is now at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland.

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    This post is near and dear to my heart. I want to plug 2 wonderful organizations.

    Both of these groups support ALL branches of the military. You can sign up a friend or family member who is currently deployed. Anyone can join and "adopt" a hero. Something as simple as a postcard from home goes a long way.

    I've been a member of both groups for about 4 years and regularly send letters and care packages. I feel it's the least I can do to thank our men and women who put their lives on the line every day so my family can live in a free country.
  4. wow thanks for sharing those [​IMG]
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    My brother, Adam, has been in Iraqi since Halloween. He is in the Marines. He has only been married since March 5th and his wife has left NC and gone back to ND to live with her mom. It is no way to start a marriage. They only had 32 days together between marriage and deployment because of training, etc. He has been injured 2x and had a light heart attack. We miss him deeply and pray daily for his safety. He turns 22 March 2nd.


    Sorry the pic is funky. That is the best I could do. Took my mom a long time to get it to me in that condition!
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    I have two people very close to me shipping out for their first tour in April and May.

    Brandon is like the older brother I never had, he's in the Marines and leaving in April for his first tour. [​IMG] The one on the left.

    And my cousin Sean in the Army, leaving for his first tour in May. [​IMG] He's the one looking at the camera at the far left.
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    God Bless and Protect our Troops.
    My husband is an 8 year Marine veteran, and 3 years in the Air Force, served during the Gulf War. My brother and 3 cousins are National Guard, they've already served 18 mths Iraq duty...left last month for the 2nd tour (National Guard), (my brother didn't have to go, medical discharge; Injured in a roadside bomb...ok, but still has problems...physical and emotional)....
    We pray the troops daily...we will add your families names to our prayer list.
    Will upload photos as soon as I can figure out how on this page.
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    Jan 22, 2008
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  9. Parson's Wife

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    My heart goes out to all you and your families that have members serving in the war. My husband was in CSIS (Canadian Sercret Service) years before I met him. He servived being shot, blown up, etc, etc. I'm glad it was before I met him, I wouldn't be able to handle him being away and know its war. I pray they all come back safe to you.

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