FOR UK BYC!! 2 Roosters free to a good home


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Nov 23, 2007
Hi everyone I have an adorable buff frizzle rooster and a blue silkie rooster free to a good home!!:

reason for sale live in terrace area and neighbours dont appreciate!!

Both are tame and will eat from your hand. I have had the frizzle since he was 2 months old and was my fave so he is very hand tame and loves being picked up and stroked.

The silkie i have had from 4 weeks and is also tame but he's quick on his feet so quite often cant catch him!!

Please no one who wants a free range chicken for tea!!!
where are you located?
will thary act well with other roos?
we are located over in suffolk lakenheath to be exact. The roos get on ok together with occasional tiffs but never any hurting eachother I think they will be fine with other birds as we only have 5 birds total and they dont fight over the girls!
That big word is the location in England (UK) where 6chickens and 6chickenshubby are located.
They are our friends that that help make up the BYC forum, membership is World Wide and that is what makes all of us a unique and diverse friendly Family forum.

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