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Mar 22, 2017
Hello everyone,

I have the Tractor Supply Producer's Pride Defender coop, and from everything Ive been reading on this site, I have determined that the ventilation for this coop is barely adequate. I am considering adding an exhuast fan to the coop so that I dont have to punch too many holes into the exterior to remedy the issue.

Do you guys have any recommendations as to which fan to use? It should have a fairly low profile, be quiet (might need to use an external fan speed controller to accomplish this), and be affordable (well under $100 ideally).

Has anyone else tried adding forced ventilation to a small coop? I figure I can install a 6-8 inch fan safely above the heads of the roosting area of the chickens without causing draft issues. Is there any reason I should NOT do this?

below is a picture of the coop taken from google image search. I want to add the exhaust on the opposite side of the passive vent, above the main entrance to the run, just below the roofline.

Inline duct booster fan. Very inexpensive. Quiet and efficient.

Do you have a link? Most of those seem at least 10-12 inches deep and I was hoping for something low profile. I'm hoping to not lose any headroom to ducting.
You can buy a four pack of 120mm computer fans from amazon pretty cheap and a 12v power supply then mount the fans behind the vent in the picture blowing out. They won't move so much air to create a breeze but they will push heat out. Another option may be to go buy a couple 12" closeable vent registers from lowes or Home Depot and install them. Be sure and get plastic or vinyl so they don't weather so quick. If you go with the fans you may have to replace them every year or so but they're cheap enough that it wouldn't have a big deal.

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