Forgot to get new chicks vaccinated


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Jul 7, 2010
I am very confused. I had my chicks from last year vaccinated for Mareks. I have new chicks coming this week, already shipped, that I forgot to have them vaccinated. I am really nervous now. I have been combing the archives. Can my new chicks actually get Mareks from my older vaccinated birds? Do they continue to shed the virus (from vaccination) for that long? HELP!!!!!!!
Thanks - Shelley in PA
Not sure, I've never vaccinated any of my chicks. Hopefully someone will come along soon that knows!
I attended a educational session hosted by Purina, where they said that the hatcheries often vaccinated, but that Marek's didn't seem to be much of a problem even with unvaccinated birds anymore. Don't know that, but all of our current birds were unvaccinated and they grew up from chicks just fine.
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