Former landlord RANT.. OMG.. STOP LYING!!! grrrr


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Aug 25, 2010
Rural Brooklyn, WI

Okay, let me back track to my current state of anger... we found a great place and put in a 45 day notice that we were moving.. Lo and behold, she says we can't vacate our lease till the end of May.
I sent the notice march 15th. It didn't mention anything about any kind of notice giving OR lack there in in our lease renewal.. and we had moved in originally may 15th. 2 yrs ago.

She then says, well if we want to leave early we can.. but we would still be obligated to pay till May 31st... well we talk to the new land lords and work out a deal where they will HOLD the house for us, in exchange for a slighter higher rent for 5 months, to pay for april.

Well, the old landlord advertises the house, has a boatload of showings, and then wonders why we haven't moved out in April.. I say that if we have to pay for April and May.. we are NOT moving till our lease is up...and she had hoped to have new tenants IN by May first, but does not tell us IF she has a lease signed by new tenants OR not...

She lets us out of our lease early by a month, and now we fast forward to NOW...
According to WI Statute, she the former land lord has to have our security deposit, or what is left of it to us, no later than the 21st of the month after a move out. We know we owed for fuel oil so we would not get
back ALL of our deposit.
Well she emailed, we both agree on the amount owed.. and I wait for the check.. and wait, and wait.... I texted her to let her know we hadn't gotten it, a courtesy.. after a weekend and a day or two.. Still nothing.
At the end of last week, before the memorial day weekend.. I still don't have the check. SO I text her again.. she says she will look into it after the weekend..
I say, what is there to look into, we no have no money.. no checkie check...
She then sends me an email saying she will have to check with her bank AND her attorney. WOW.. just WOW...
Well I wait till 6:30 PM on Tuesday, and still no check, no call and no email from her. I called our Dept of Consumer Protection and the local Tenant Resource center.. SHE is in violation of the statute.. yet she acts
like its our fault..
We have nothing to gain, we aren't trying to scam her out of a whole 200 dollars.. we just want what is ours.
I sent an email telling her that I have contacted the CP dept, and the resource center. And that if I don't have the check in my hand by EOB on Saturday, I will be filing a complaint, and taking her to small claims court.
We would get back the amount due plus an equal amount AND our filing fee. She would be out nearly 500 dollars, and we don't have to prove a thing.. its all on her.. she is in serious trouble.

We got an email saying HOW sorry she is...that she sent it to the wrong address..
UM.. how do you not know the address of your rental?? She is also a a real estate agent...
And now as of yesterday
So I get an email a bit later in the evening on Tuesday.. She is going to send out the check, yesterday to our new address, via USPS Express mail. Well I ask if she checked the little box and signed so that it waived the signature required. It took a few emails to confirm that SHE had (supposedly) checked the little box and signed..
So here I am today, its early evening.. I called the post office, and checked with the main office.. NOTHING .. ZIP, ZERO, NADA.
I am sooo mad, I just want this to go away, but I want my whole 200 dollars..grrrrrrr


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Sep 22, 2010
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Sent express mail.......can it be tracked?

You could just show up at her office & tell her you will wait while she writes you another check. And she should call the bank and put a stop payment on the other one.

uncle rico

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Apr 29, 2011
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We used to rent a house in Oregon WI a couple years ago while we were building our current was out of town a little bit, a '70s ranch that was expanded (it sits on aprox 18 acres.

Hope your situation improves soon


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Apr 14, 2010
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Some landlords as just that way. I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. When we had a landlord hang on to our deposit ($1200) we just kept calling them and pestering until we got it. If your landlord hasn't sent it, notify the renters protection board again. Is it possible that it is now considered monentary theft? Would you be able to press charges? Not that you would, just maybe if you mention it to her, it might make her jump a little faster.
Hopefully is shows up today.

uncle rico

8 Years
Apr 29, 2011
Spring Green, WI
BTW, would you name her?? Just curious, as our former landlord was also a realtor and I know she owned a couple other rental houses in the area. Just curious
hope i'm not breaking any forum rules here....

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