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~~~~~~Fort worth, Texans UNITE!~~~~~~~

Discussion in 'Where am I? Where are you!' started by bird sitter, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. bird sitter

    bird sitter Songster

    Anyone else in fort worth my friends? I'd love to trade buy or sell! Let's start this thread and make it live! ;)

  2. bird sitter

    bird sitter Songster

    Im a proud mother of 1 pearl gray guinea named Filoo, 3 Plymouth barred rock hens named pea hen, mimosa, and Rudy, 3 brown leghorn hens named Buffy the worm slayer, joker, and dusty, 1 black-tailed buff Japanese bantam pullet named Tootsie, 1 white silkie cockerel named speckle, 8 muscovies named tori cori nico star Ricky Phillip crash and spitfire, 8 geese, over 80 ducks and counting, 1 partridge silkie hen named ruby, 1 black-tailed buff serama hen named aero, 1 silkied frizzled serama roo named Bo, 1 black crested block polish bantam rooster named MC Frohawk, 1 black crested black polish bantam w/ gold "splashes" hen named mrs. Bagawkbagawk , and 1 black crested black polish bantam hen named Poppins. :D
  3. bird sitter

    bird sitter Songster

  4. I'm here! :D

    Anyone have guinea? I only have one and he's so lonely ;(

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