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    The power of positive parenting.....

    Our first placement (4 years old girl)came to us and was absolutly buck wild!!! She attacked my other children and we had her removed after 2 weeks. It is not her fault she has anger issues and we did love her but the safety of my children came first.

    It has been 4 months now and my daughter just saw her at the mall . She ran up to brittany and hugged and kissed her!!! the other foster mother just looked at britt and then britt explained who she was.

    The foster mother said, OH MY you must be the family she talks about all the time!! She say's how she misses you all.

    OMG, we had her for 2 weeks!!! I am in tears....I never knew you could impact a child that quickly!!
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    Wow!! That's wonderful! It must mean so much to that little girl to have had such a postive influence in her life. Great job!
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    Not only does it speak of your kindness but of the family that has her now that she ran up and hugged her!!!!!!

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