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    if a person wanted to by pass the expense of an incubator, how effective would it be to put the eggs under a broody bantam hen? how would that compare to letting the pheasant hen raise the brood?

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    It depends on what type of pheasants you have too. I know a couple good pheasant breeders in the area that have made their own line of broody bantams just by selecting for broody chickens just to hatch out pheasant eggs. I use hens to hatch duck eggs and have used them to hatch pheasants as well.
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    Should be a good option.Back when I was kid we hatched guinea,duck,even a goose or 2(wat a lump to sit on).They were all free rangeing .The fun was when the Chicken hen would hatch ducks and it rained and puddled up in spots .The little ducks would dive off into the water haveing a good ole time.The Chic Hen would run around the puddle trying to coax them little ducks out of the water .Cause it was totaly out of character for her.LOL..cva34
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    I put ringneck eggs under a silkie one year. She hatched them fine, but her brooding them didn't work. It was almost like they couldn't communicate with each other. They scattered and when she would try to call them back there was no response. I ended up taking them and putting them in a brooder.

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