Found 15 week old dead??


10 Years
Dec 1, 2009
Meadows of Dan, Va
We have 3 older hens and 10 days ago we brought 3 14 week old girls into the flock. They seemed to be getting along reasonably well--just what we would consider chasing and minor pecking. This morning we found one of the young ones dead in the coop. She had her head sort of between the food shelf and the wall. My question is what would she look like if the older ones pecked her to death? Feathers missing, blood, partially eaten or what?
it depends...she could have gotten stuck and they possibly jumped on her and broke her neck or something else that isn't as noticeable. Being that she is between those things it is most likely they were after her in some way. Poor girl. I would remove the younger ones until they are the same size as the others (put up a fencing of some sort so they can see each other but not hurt each other). Another thing you can do is remove the bigger ones for about a week and then add them back in. It's always easier to add the bigger ones to the newbie cage because then it's not the large birds "territory"

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