Found a chicken - Faverolles?? Or maybe a crossbreed?

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  1. Sionnach Dhu

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    My S.O., J, came home for lunch today and said "Would you like to do a good deed? There's a stray chicken on the parking lot at the office, would you please come and see if you can catch it?" So I got a small container, filled it up with pigeon feed (figuring that was the closest thing to chicken feed I had on hand), and rode back with him. Sure enough, there was a scruffy-looking young chicken (looks like it's in first moult) right by the door, picking at cracker crumbs that one of J's co-workers had put down. I opened up the container of seed and shook it, and the chicken trotted over. It was a bit hesitant, but within a few minutes it was eating out of the container, and I was easily able to move my hand up and catch it by the legs. It put up a token protest, but was clearly accustomed to being handled, and settled down happily in the carrier I'd brought along with the rest of the feed.

    Some of the guys at the company were sure the bird was a Delaware Blue (we live near Newark, DE, and J's office is IN Newark ;-D), but when I got home and compared pictures on the internet, two things immediately ruled it out - a, this bird has feathers down the front of the legs, and Del Blues are clean-legged; b, this bird has five toes.

    I'll post some pictures later - the bird's resting right now - but here's a text description:

    Even for a young bird (feathers are growing in in some places, and no hint of comb or wattles yet), it seems small - not much bigger than my white homing pigeon (also a rescue, but that's a story for another day).
    Feathers on the front of the legs.
    Dark blue-black beak and legs.
    Five toes on the feet; the normal three forward-facing, double "back" toes. The doubled toes are functional, and make contact with the ground.

    Feathers are mostly black, but there's a light "collar" of copper-colored ones around the neck.
  2. farmerChef

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    Sounds like a silkie cross if it has blue/black skin. What does its comb look like?
  3. Sionnach Dhu

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    Quote:Doesn't have one yet. Oh, and the *skin* isn't black - just the scales on the legs & the beak. The skin is normal color.
  4. maybejoey

    maybejoey got chickenidous?

    Quote:I agree sounds like a silkie.[​IMG]
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  5. Sionnach Dhu

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    It can't be either pure Silkie or pure Cochin; definitely not Silkie feathers, and Cochins don't have extra toes. [​IMG]

    Would a Silkie cross have the large double back toes?
  6. Lifesong Farm

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    Quote:Silkie or Faverolles can pass on the 5th toes.
    ETA its hard to tell anything till we see pics. That's why I haven't given input other than this.
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  7. Sionnach Dhu

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    Meant to say, btw, that it seems to have a very docile & friendly temperament, although that may change as it gets stronger.

    I'll post over in the medical advice section, too, but will also mention here that s/he is underweight, missing a patch of feathers above the tail, and the skin there looks a bit dry and scaly. It IS moulting - a lot of the feathers still have the sheathing down at the bottom - but it also looks like other chickens may have been picking on it. Eyes and beak are nice and clear, though, the droppings look normal, and aside from being tired, thirsty, and hungry it seems otherwise healthy.

    We did, btw, stop by a local bird rescue on the way home - they mostly do wild bird rescue, but do sometimes take domestic birds & were willing to take a look at the chicken for us. They didn't see any signs of serious illness or injury.

    What's weird about where it was found, btw, is that it's an industrial park, bounded by woods and highways.
  8. Sionnach Dhu

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    Quote:Yeah, I know. Unfortunately it looks like I have to make at least 10 posts before I can. [​IMG] (Which is why I've been replying to every post. [​IMG])
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    Oct 21, 2011
    Good luck, and very nice of you to take on a new animal! I am sure she will fair much better having someone care for her [​IMG]
  10. Sionnach Dhu

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    Quote:J is a bit grouchy about the "taking on a new animal" bit - we already have six dogs, a Siamese cat, and a white homing pigeon that can't be released - but then he knew darn well that might be the outcome when he asked me to come and catch it. [​IMG]

    Remains to be seen if we'll keep it long term; I'd love to have a few chickens, especially since I'll be fencing off an area for a garden in the spring & they could do bug patrol, but J isn't convinced. If not, I'm sure I can find it a good home - we live in a relatively rural area.

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