Found a dead chicken this morning, blood

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    Jul 24, 2010
    We have had our 4 chickens for 2 years now. Our Buff was egg bound (she would not leave her laying area, and was very reluctant to move - and was not laying) and we had been giving them all loose calcium (and she got a little aspirin), and after about a week she was back to herself and has been since. Went out this morning and found our Easter Egger dead. All 'seemed' fine yesterday, although we did notice blood on an egg a couple days ago.

    Nothing seemed visibly wrong with her (I mean, other than being dead), but when we spread her legs apart she was bloody in between them. We deworm our chickens, and I've been reading about coccidiosis but they really don't show the other signs of it. You couldn't even tell she was bloody unless you spread her legs and looked up under them. She was feeding, alert, and seemed fine yesterday. The other 3 look great and seem to be doing well.

    It has been horribly hot lately - I'm wondering if it may have been heat stroke and the other chickens were pecking on her? My biggest concern now are the other 3 chickens. I plan to strip and clean their pen today, we are also going to set up a fan, but does it sound like it could be a disease I should be taking other precautions from?

    Thanks for the help. I'm jumping around google at the moment.
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    It sounds like your evaluation of the situation is correct. Nothing that you mention sounds like disease. Coccidosis will present as blood IN the pooh. Your remedy of the problem sounds correct also. The heat is really taking a toll on alot of peoples birds, unfortunately.

    So sorry for your loss.

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