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    Yesterday around noon or so, my wife found a dead Cornish rock. They are just over 1 week old. I was kind of sad about that. Although they wont be around long, at least they will get a change to experience some chicken activity and being outside somewhat before they go in the freezer.
    I have noticed at 1 week and 3 days old(plus however old they are when they get to TSC), that they are getting big, fast. They are already twice the size of the production reds that we got for egg laying, at the same time.
    Some of the Cornish rocks are growing faster than the others. But they are all about the same size except the one that died.
    Nothing is sticking out in my mind why it died.
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    Cornish cross are known for mortality issues. Most will say to order 10% more than what you need to account for mortality and if you get lucky and do a good job managing them you may have some extra chickens at the end
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    Yea I wanted 10, and got 10. I will be doing another batch in about 2 months or so. I'll order more at that time.

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