Found a dying Blue Jay in my yard where my chicks forage...


9 Years
Sep 20, 2010
I hope this is in the correct section...

I found a dying Blue Jay right where my chickens love to hang out when I let them out of the coop. After a few hours he died and I buried him. He didnt have outward signs of being injured but Im taking a guess he flew into a window. Other than his head looking wet, his feathers looked healthy, if he was sick, he hadn't been sick long. Anyway, now I am nervous about letting my chickens freerange in case he was sick. What are the chances they could get ill from being in the same general area as a dying bird? Any advice would be really great! My babies are 19 weeks if that makes a difference...
Not to alarm you but that Jay may have had West Nile Virus. They are the most affected by that. But here is the good news,chickens are virtually immune to it. If an infected mosquito bites a chicken they quickly develop antibodies to fight it having no ill effects. I happen to read up on it after as I was helping a friend get set up in the chicken madness. The question came up if they could get it and I had no idea. Chickens are actually used as "sentry birds" as in which blood is drawn from them in areas suspected of WNV. If they have the antibodies they alert the public. So not to worry.

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