Found a Teeny Tiny Dutch Bantam on the side of the road-UPDATE w/pic!


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Western North Carolina
My friend, The Old Rebel called me and said there is a tiny chicken loose on the side of the road. She could not stop at the time because she was running late. My DH and I jumped in the car and went to the area she said she saw it. There are NO houses anywhere in that area. There is a church, grocery store, Dr's. office and a very busy hwy. and crossroad. Traffic was everywhere, needless to say we stopped traffic in both directions to catch this fast little booger. (Had to look ridiculous) She appears to be healthy but The Old Rebel will keep her isolated until we know for sure.
How did she get there? A Dutch too. I have a Dutch and I thought mine was small, this one is sooooo tiny.
Very strange area for a loose chicken. Anyway, just thought it was strange and had to share. Ever "find" a stray chicken?


This is the little girl we found---What is she?

This is my little Dutch-"Heidi".
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One day I went out to feed my chickens and there was a new one I had never seen before hanging around the edges!! Obviously a nice little old english game hen. I assumed someone was playing a prank on me so I asked around, but no one had ever seen it before. I live on a 40-acre farm so I figured it had come a long way to live in my chicken paradise (free-range, every day) so I just let it stay here. It befriended some hens and now it buddies around with them and sleeps in the coop. She seems happy so I let her stay. That was a year ago and I still have no idea where she came from.

Your story of holding up traffic to catch a tiny chicken cracks me up!
Aww! You're such a hero!!!

I havent heard from The old Rebel In a While! its been too long since she has had a chance to get on. Mind telling her I said Hi if you get the chance to remeber?

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