found an old bathtug on a junk pile in the woods brooder?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by abhaya, Nov 20, 2010.

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    I found an old bathtub in the woods on a junk pile. I am thinking it might make a good brooder. what do y'all think? It is in good shape it was taken out of the house when they put in the 1 piece shower. I am thinking put down ply or something to make it not slippery then just use bedding as normal. I can hang a heat lamp I have one with a shield so no one can fly into it. I would cover with a tarp or something to keep flyers from getting out.
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    Yep that would work! After each batch of chicks you can always wash it down! If it has no paint peeling off of it...if it is, you may need to sandblast it out. Im guessing it is porcelain.

    for the flooring you might want to put a good layer of sawdust or shavings. At the first few days of life, when you hatch or get them from the hatchery, put down flat pieces of cardboard and paper towels so they don't end up using the shavings as food. Once they know where their food and water are, you are good to go. Be mindful of the heat lamp. To keep flyers from going up and over out of the bathtub, put pieces of plywood with an opening or two for brooder light, or make a hinge of some sort .
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