Found Baby Bird, nest blew away, Mom hasn't been back for 2 days


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Ok so there's this drunk guy in front of the store, homeless who says he sat next to this bird for hours on end, that the birds been in the corner and a cat almost got him. I took him home, he is not eating. Tried to force his mouth open, gave him food and he didn't chew it. Would love to put him back but he will definately get killed. My husband cleans this parking lot and it's not a safe spot

So the wildlife rescue can come and get it tomorrow (I assume) but to keep it alive tonight wouldn't he be eating? I did place his head next to water, he took a little but not much then let it go. Here is his pic but he's in a box now with water and food around. Who knows if he's old enough to eat it on his own. he's called a fledgling and yes, he can fly a little. But NO He cannot go back as much as I would love to put him there, he will die. Thanks for any advice, especially if you know if he is old enough to eat on his own.


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That's a house sparrow! They are unprotected species, so anyone can keep them as pets or do whatever with them. That "baby" is actually more or less an adult, so if you release it, it can actually fend for itself even if it's not great at flying yet. It looks like it's been out of the nest for at least a week, if not two weeks, so it really isn't too dependent on its mom at this point. Otherwise, you can keep it and continue feeding it until it's better at flying if you'd like. I hope that helps, I'm a wildlife rehabber, so I have a lot of experience with these birds. This particular species can pretty much thrive on whatever food you give them, haha, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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