Found Baby Grebe....I Think.?


7 Years
Oct 27, 2012
I found this baby in the middle of the road on my way home today. From what I've Googled I think it's a Grebe, but the again it was googled so....I'm not really sure what it is. Is this a Grebe, or something else and how do I take care of it? Please Help!!

Sorry for the blurry pictures...
Yes that's a grebe. You need to get it to a wildlife carer as soon as you can, or failing that, a vet. Vets normally take wildlife free of charge. Grebes need specialist care, they live their entire lives in water and they do not fare well in captivity unless cared for properly. What country are you in?
Hey I of in what I think is a very young Grebe. I spotted it struggling in our lane when driving home. I drove pasted and parked up the road away from it and watched to see if a mum or dad came.... Nothing except two local cats. When they went for the baby I intervened. I have rung round vets and various charities and no one wants to take it on so I am now stuck with it. Our local vet told me to kill it!!!! So I am after some advise as to how best to care for it. I have been told to feed it wet cat food and it has eaten three times already. Do I need to keep it warmer then a bed of hay in a box could supply?

Dunno f the picture will upload. Looks like a ball of fluff.
Can't tell from the photo what species it is. Grebes can barely walk on land due to their legs being placed so far back on their body. Also their feet are not fully webbed, unlike that of a duck. What country are you in? Have you tried searching for local wildlife rescuers? Make sure the bird is kept warm and dry. I can't give you any more specific information without knowing what species it is.
It is very clumsy walking. Big black feet which looks like the webbing has been cut between its toes (not that it's feet are cut but the best way to describe the style of webbing). I am in the UK, Brecon Beacons in Wales.
I spent most of yesterday ringing round various charities. The consensus was put it back and let it die. However I have one more charity to try, one specifically dedicated to wild birds. So hopefully they can help.
The confusing part is that the bird was found a mile from any water. I am wondering if something human or animal grabbed it then dropped it, it has no injuries so if that's the case it was a close call. It has survived the night and is still eating and pecking me so hopeful it can go back to the wild. Thank you for your post :)

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