Found baby guinea in coop. Help!

Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by zsazsa chick, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Went into my guinea coop, and what do I find? One of my hens (I keep four hens in there because they don't get along well with their flock) had been sitting on a bunch of guinea eggs, and here was a little peep-peep! I took it out of the coop, because Coco (my hen) was pecking at the poor thing, and I want the chick to keep it's eyes! So, now I have it in a shoe box inside (because it's dangerously hot/humid outside- I can hardly breathe out there) and I have a few socks for it to lay down on and keep warm, since my mom and dad aren't home and I don't know where the incubator is, let alone even know how to use it! I have been trying to give it some sugar water, which it will drink occasionally, but as far as food? I don't know. Maybe the sugar water is enough for now, but...suggestions are welcome!
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    Don't give it sugar water, that can cause diarrhea (aka dehydration). It would probably be better outside since they need temperatures close to 95 when they first hatch. Feed it chick starter if you have it, otherwise give it some other type of feed that is not meant for layers. Layer feed would be okay temporarily until you get chick starter if that's all you have. Gamebird starter is better for young guineas, so if you have to buy starter feed for it get some that's at least 24% protein if you can find it.
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    Quote:Also if its just hatched you might wait till some more hatch then sneak it back in with momma hen. They dont need food and water for 72 hours so if you just protect it for the time being at 95 degrees it should be fine. I just use a plain old light bulb to keep them warm.

    good luck.
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    I have heard that they enjoy hard-boiled eggs kinda mushed up. Depending on its age it may not even need food if it is under 2 days old.

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