Found baby raccoon in coop!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by omnislash, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. omnislash

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    Aug 18, 2009
    I've hardly been getting eggs for about a week now. 4 in the past 7 days. I've had no idea what was going on. I have 14 hens and 1 rooster. So not getting eggs seemed a little more than odd. I found this little guy hiding under the feeder this afternoon when I went to check for eggs. Only it's tail was sticking out. I caught it and have it in a bucket. I'm going to take it to a wildlife rehabilitation center. I found a small hole he could of gotten through under the fence, he's pretty small, about as big as a kitten. From what I've read it seems odd for a baby this young to be away from it's mother and siblings. I check for eggs 2 or 3 times a day in the afternoon and never leave eggs sitting over night. There is food and water out 24 hours for the birds. Anyone know if it's even possible for 1 little raccoon to eat 7-10 eggs a day? I'm thinking there are probably more around somewhere. I live in the country and there are lots of woods behind the house. I've had chickens for over 3 years now and the only predators I've dealt with before were my former neighbors dogs. Any tips on finding raccoons? I don't have a live trap. I've not had any birds killed or come up missing, just eggs. So either Momma isn't around or can't get inside the coop. Either way it has me very worried and any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    Apr 11, 2011
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    Oh my goodness! It is a predator for sure, but soooo cute. I am glad that you are taking him to a rehab center. I am guessing that he has some siblings around somewhere. Maybe momma got hit by a car or something. I don't think that he would be that far away from his mother if she was alive. Best wishes and I hope that he is your only little visitor.
  3. Imp

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    I have a couple baby raccoons visiting my yard regularly. They are the size of large cats, and still with mom.

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    Feb 13, 2011
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    I found out from my neighbor there is 4 new additions to the coon family in our area. She found them on her porch and when she opened her back door momma came running up and they ran off. Great.[​IMG] Now I not only have to worry about mom wich is huge (I've seen her) but 4 that will grow up to terrorize.
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    Quote:Shoot 'em! [​IMG]
  6. Imp

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    Quote:Shoot 'em! [​IMG]

    I did:


    with a camera, about 2 inches from them.

    Imp- I'm urban, shooting a gun is a no no.
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    Imp... an air rifle is pretty quiet and can do the job in one well placed shot. [​IMG]
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    I think instead of mama getting hit on a road, she got into somebodys hen house on here and met a .22. I wuz thinking, a baby pigmy rattler is cute as all get out, but deadlier than mama. So they all have to go.
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    Jun 25, 2010
    i would say you have more around than you think. im sure the cub has mates and they will come to the food. i would get a live trap keep it set for a few nights see what you get. i have caught 14 coons out of my cousions hog house so far in the last couple weeks. justmakes me wonder where they all come from.
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    Jun 29, 2010
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    When you call in an exterminator you do not tell him to kill the adult rats and leave the baby rats alone. [​IMG]

    Shoot them while you can or they will be back to kill your birds.

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