Found egg yolk on my puletts beak


MO Hick Chick
10 Years
Sep 23, 2009
I have a couple of buff orpington pullets that are just starting to lay. A couple of days ago one of them had egg yolk all over her beak which I'm guessing means she ate an egg. She has laid the last two days and not eaten them. I'm wondering could this just be a fluke that will possibly not happen again or should I consider culling her right away? ( I am new to raising chickens-these are my first)
I had a thought that maybe those little blinders you can find in supply houses might stop egg picking.

I've had a few pickers now and then but usually only when an egg is cracked upon laying. Sometimes when several hens are using one nest box, they can step on or drop an egg on other eggs in the nest causing one to crack and then they may pick that's never really been a problem though and although you may lose a few eggs now and then you will still get plenty.
One thing to remember though, hens do like to eat eggs and they can be boiled and chopped up along with the shell and presented to them.
I've heard also that egg picking may be a result of low protein intake. You can supplement feed with dry cat food which helps to insure plenty of protein in their diet.
Another thing to do is gather eggs frequently three or four times a day so they are not left in the nest boxes too long.

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