Found first broody hen! :D

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  1. misspinkchickxx

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    Aug 19, 2010
    Woo Hoo! Found our 1st ever broody hen!

    It's our Japanese Bantam hen, Bella. Well, she was in the nest box since eleven this morning (CET)
    and at two o'clock when she still hadn't come out I got worried. She usually lays her eggs quicker than that...

    So I checked in the coop and she was sitting in the nest box...she looked sort of 'dead'- she was sitting so still!
    So I thought she was dead and burst into tears [​IMG] Then she moved her eye :phew:
    So then I thought she had an egg stuck inside her! We rang up our local 'chicken place' and they said to bring her in
    and they could try and make the egg pass. When we tried to catch her, we found a Maran egg under her, and my
    dad said- She's broody! But she had already freaked then and is now outside...
    The Maran eggs are actually unfertilised since the cock is a Bantam and is half the size of them, but I want to let her
    be broody anyway.

    Will she return to the nest now?
  2. spish

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    Apr 7, 2010
    are you sure shes broody and not sick? broody hens dont tend to sit still and play dead when broody, as soon as you go near them they will puff up to make themselves look huge and cluck at you. she wouldnt freak out and leave her nest either, she would stand her ground. if pulled off the nest she would run straight back on...
  3. misspinkchickxx

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    Aug 19, 2010
    sick? [​IMG]

    She's old...but she seemed perfectly fine clucking and scratching around outside...I'll keep a close eye on her

    UPDATE: She's on the nest again...we don't want her to have chicks tho, so we're going to a chicken shop to buy some
    fake eggs for her tomorrow [​IMG]
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