Found guinea eggs from a 19 week old guinea - good to eat?

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    May 8, 2013
    They were outdoors, under a yucca plant. I was walking the pasture looking for chicken eggs (dummies aren't laying in the henhouse),when I came across one of my 19 week old guineas under a yucca plant. The guinea boys nearby were talking to her, and I got her to get up (poor girl also got her foot stepped on my our milk goat recently, so I am glad she is laying even with her gimpy foot). There were four eggs there. She has been going to the henhouse at night, so she is not setting the eggs. She seriously picked an awesome spot to lay. It was very hard to see her. Only one boy guinea is full grown (a male from a neighboring flock that I am pretty sure is the only survivor of that flock. I adopted ours after it lost its first adopted flock (it had also hung out with another neighbors female until she was attacked and killed).

    They all sunk in a water test, and only one even slightly sunk off kilter. I was barely off not being sunk evenly from one end to the other, laying on its side. They have been out in the day's heat, 80s - 90 degrees here. However, I am pretty sure they cannot be too old as she is still young.

    Think they are good to eat?

    Next month I am shutting them all up for a few days to try and get them laying in the henhouse. Darn birds.
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    Jul 24, 2013
    I think that they are fine to eat, but do whatever you think best.

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