Found Hen Gasping on Roost - Died in my arms

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    Jun 28, 2011
    I just held a hen in my arms while she died. I have no idea what happened, but I went to the shed to check on the birds, and she was gasping, and convulsing all while roosting. In fact, she was scaring the turkey hen next to her. I took her down to see what was wrong with her and within less than 10 minutes, she died. Because she was gasping, and I checked to see if there was anything stuck in her throat or crop, but couldn't find anything and then one giant seziure and she threw her head back and she died right in my arms. I have no idea what killed my poor Rosie. So in a week, I have now lost 4 chickens. One of them being my favorite black silkie hen, Beauty. She would sit on my lap while I milked the goats on cold mornings to warm up or at least come and say hello and she laied the cutest little cream colored eggs. Two others were eaten by something who will be trapped tomorrow night.

    What could have killed my poor little EE Rosie? It was so sudden and she had been roosting for quite a while already and when I checked on everyone around 7:00 she was okay.
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    [​IMG] So sorry...
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    [​IMG] So sorry! We would need more information to try to help you figure out what happened to poor Rosie. How old? Was she thin? was there any swelling in her belly? food in her crop? etc? last time she laid a egg? sometimes we never know why they die but try to rule things out. Chickens are real good on hiding any illness. Chances are she probably was ill for a while? [​IMG]
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    Jun 28, 2011
    Quote:Her weight was fine (she was eating and drinking normally) and no swelling or fluid build up that was immediately noticable. Last year, I lost one hen to a severly infected crop even though we treated her and another to egg peritonitis, so I am familir with the type of swelling you are referring too. She also wasn't egg bound as I checked for that as well. She hadn't laid in about a month, but she just finished moulting, so I knew why she wasn't laying. I am not sure on her age since her former owner stated she was 1-1/2 years old last year, but you can never tell the age of chickens. She was laying normally up until moulting season.

    I guess I will never know for sure why she died.

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