found huge mass inside rooster after butchering(question to "raising for meat" people)

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    May 1, 2012
    I wander if anybody else had that experience.
    I had a 3 y.o. rooster, recently he started behaving like he is 90 year old grandpa. Standing there, not eating much. Something was wrong. One day i found him, he could not get up from the ground. I helped him to get up. Today he was getting worse, so I butchered him, so he does not die from natural causes and go to waste.
    Inside I found a HUGE mass, probably some kind of tumor...Looks like a very big meatball. What is that? Did anybody have such experience? Is it still safe to eat the meat?
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    It could be a Mareks Disease tumor. In a commercial chicken processing plant there are inspectors who check for diseased carouses and your rooster falls into that category. I would personally dispose of this bird, he ain't good eats.
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    Depends on where the mass was located. The tumorous tissue would need a biopsy in order to know for sure. It could be cancer. Tumors are regularly cut from carcasses during processing at establishments like Foster Farms. My folks knew a lady who worked at one of their plants. She wouldn't eat Foster Farms chickens and neither would I. You ought to see the truck loads of rotting discards and bones aka by-products going into the Purina plant my wife used to see. Loaded into steel dumpsters surrounded by fly traps. All the heat in the world couldn't convince me any of that stuff is edible, even after being treated with vitamin-mineral supplements.

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