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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by rhiannonf, Apr 17, 2016.

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    Apr 17, 2016
    I live less than a mile from a park with a pond. Today I found a young duck (still has lots of fuzzy feathers) laying in my alley.....he doesn't s.seem lethargic he just is having trouble standing. I suspect he has a hurt or broken leg.....what can I feed this guy while we care for him?any friendly advice welcome....this is the first Duck I have rescued.

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    Maybe a predatory bird or a fox carried him off and then got startled and dropped him?
    Brown or whole lead bread soaked in water is good.
    Also oats thoroughly soaked in water.mif you have any chickens, layer pellets with a little water to make them mushy is idea,.
    Make sure he has a bowl of water available at all times. Heavy enough so he doesn't tip it over. A clean ash tray or a ceramic saucer or a bowl with a rock in it works well.

    They also LOVE green stuff. Cabbage, SPINACH, Lettuce, Apple cut up really small (they adore it)
    Pears (my ducks fight to the death for)

    Make sure he has soft bedding area in a warm spot at night, as he would still cuddle up to mum.
    A cardboard box with blankets, straw or shredded newspaper or toilet paper is best.

    Stress is a killer for birds and small mammals. They go into shock and don't drink or eat.
    Keep him in a quiet, dark place. Move slowly and talk quietly around him.

    He's still a baby so will still respond to being treated like one; To encourage him to eat, try gently tapping the wet food wi a finger, or picking some up in your index and fore finger and then dropping it again (in a pecking motion) or gently splashing the water with your finger.

    Lots of rest and vegetables and water will see him right. But he could have internal bleeding from being bitten or dropped. You can only do what you can. If he does die, you know that you did your best.
    Good luck.
    Feel free to ask more questions as the situation progresses [​IMG]
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    Bristol, United Kingdom
    *wholemeal bread
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    Here is some helpful information about caring for ducklings

    And in the Stickies index (blue letters near the top of the Duck Forum) there is the Ultimate List of Treats for ducks and ducklings.

    If this is an abandoned domestic, you may have less trouble feeding than if it is a wood duckling.

    There is a regulation in the U.S. about wild waterfowl - one must be a licensed rehabber to legally care for them. Just a heads up.

    But certainly until you find one (if you even need one), the little needs proper care.

    It needs to be relatively warm, 75F may be a good temperature (guessing on its age, here). Fresh water must be available at all times to prevent choking.

    You may want to see if the little one can swim - only for about 5 minutes in 75F water, just deep enough to be just above the tops of the legs. This will give you a chance to see how he or she moves, to assess the situation.

    In any case, do feel free to chat to the duckling - they seem to find comfort in friendly voices.

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