found loose dog eating my chicken


8 Years
Sep 4, 2011
early one monday am about 6:45 or so saw 2 loose dogs in the neighber driveway .. next thing my dog is barking look oot the front and what did I see the black dog with a chicken in his mouth .. got my .22 Rifle and one shot dog no licenese nver see him before .. dead in my driveway ... neighter yell at me .. MY KId is scrared .. pic him in my ranger to the dump .. 2 weeks later I got ARRESTED for anmial cruely .. told the cops my chicken died ,,, still put the coffs on my and took me to jail.!!! $5000 bail .. waiting on the court to tell my side ..
What state do you live in? In most states it is not illegal for you to protect your livestock and it is not animal cruelty to shoot a dog that is attacking your birds. You need to present your case as such and take a look at your local laws because I cannot believe that you are in the wrong here. You also need to go with the assumption that it was your neighbor who reported it and probably ommitted the part about the dog attacking your birds.
i don't know if it was right for you to kill the dog. maybe a warning shot first? or just wound the dog. from what you said i am assuming the chicken was already dead when you saw the dog. so was there really any need to shot the dog? now you have 2 dead animals instead of 1. but i think the owners should also get a ticket for letting their dogs lose. you can't really blame the dog. as most dogs are bred for hunting small game.
To late for this.... But you should of called animal control after you killed it, and saved the dead chicken. Think that's part of the law, and with screeching witness with a kid....really should of called the cops.
You should a saved the dog and chicken, of photo it before the dog died(before you shot it) took the body's to a local vet and they could have froze them to prove your statement. I would have dropped the dog to. I watched my nebiors dog rip my silky Roos throat out. Sadly, I am scared for life and hate ALL LABS! But back to you the dog was on your property, with your property in his/her mouth. But what state do YOU live in?
Glad my coop and pen are like Fort Knox, I don't really have to worry about having a problem like this unless I shut off the elec fence or leave the gate open, it's stupid to have to worry about careless owners dogs but we all do...
Just briefly looked at Texas laws, and they are both vague and confusing. Killing an animal (other than something for food or self defense) IS considered animal cruelty by Texas law. I couldn't find anything where it said specifically that if an animal is attacking your property you have the right to protect it. I find this completely crazy that they arrested you for it though.

Like I said, I didn't get in to deep in this. Ran out of time.

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