Found one of our five month old Barred Rock Dead in the coop..........

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    May 26, 2010
    Shiloh, IL
    Please help! I am so sad, my husband just came in and asked me if I fed/took care of chickens today. I said of course I did I let them out in the run and checked food, water and gave them some treats. (Unfortunately I was in a hurry because my two year old was inside with our 11 year old son). But usually I am more attentive to each chicken. Well, he just went out to check on the flock and found one of our barred Rock dead in the coop. Said it looked like she just went to sleep. I am so sad, and have no idea what could have happened? All of the flock have been behaving normally, they have not had any strange treats or any change in their diet. Any one have any advice? My little boy will be devastated!

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