Found out who is laying!!!

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    Well, I posted 4 days ago that I got my first egg but didn't know who did it. Today I decided since i didn't have to go anywhere I would stake out infront of the nesting boxes to see who went in. From 9am-12pm everyone went into the boxes to eat the hay in them. [​IMG] After 3 hours I was done watching. Normaly I check the boxes by 11am there was an egg that last three days. So once it got to noon I was discuraged and just went inside. Well at 4pm I decided to go out and check on them thinking my luck the hen would have layed it since then and I would have missed how did it again. I go out there and my Black Australorp (23 weeks) walks into the box. I sat down and decided to wait until she came out. All the other chickens are running around. I could see her moving around the hay then she stopped. Well about almost 10 mintues go by and she walks out. After she gets down ther latter I open up the door and there was an egg! She is my layer!!!! WooHoo Foxy!!!
    Foxy BA 23 weeks old (we are on day 4 with 4 eggs [​IMG])
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    [​IMG] We are waiting for the rest of the girls to kick in now. [​IMG]
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