Found this guy on side of road today. Anybody know what breed he is?


10 Years
Apr 25, 2009
Merritt Island, FL
Hi all,

Does anyone know what kind of rooster this is?

I am a duck person, so I don't know much about chickens. We had them when I was a kid, but we had Rhode Island Reds. Anyway, we saw this rooster two days ago, on the side of the road, just at the edge of the woods. I knew he didn't belong there, but figured he would go home. Then we didn't see him again until this afternoon. He was pretty much in the same place as before, but was looking droopy and sad, so we rescued him and brought him home. He was hungry and thirsty. Unfortunately, we cannot keep him. I have him in a large dog pen with fresh water and food. He is limping a bit, so I think he hurt his foot, although I didn't see any visible injuries. I will put up signs tomorrow stating we found a rooster but they have to call to identify. I believe he was probably just dropped off though. He is absolutely beautiful and seems pretty tame. My sister knows chickens as she has had them for years, and she said he is probably between 1 -2 years old. She wasn't sure what kind of chicken he is though as she has breeds other than this, and I don't know either. At first she thought he was an Americauna, but then said she isn't sure. The light color on him is a light yellow, laced with black. He has a black tail.

I live on Merritt Island, in Florida. If I cannot find his owner, I need to find him a good home. So, if anyone is interested in him, please let me know.


Kathy Bahr
Merritt Island, FL

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