Found young rooster caught on barbed wire fence, need advice

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    Jun 24, 2011
    His left wing was caught on a rusted barbed wire fence and I had to peel his wing off, he was ticked! But I got him off and brought him in. No DEEP flesh wounds but he definitely peeled his skin off all thoroughout his elbow and under his wing. Here are a few pictures. Any advice is GREATLY APPRECIATED. Trying to heal him and let him back out into the wild. Can take pictures of under his wing if needed, there's a lot more going on i.e. skin-less flesh and light green/yellow puss).



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    flush it and clean it well, 50/50 distilled water(saline, bottled water, or boiled water) and betadine (find it at feed store in horse area usually or at wal-mart in the pharmacy where the other first aid supplies are usually), if the flesh is really mangled and blackish around the wounds take scissors or the big toe nail clippers and clip the feathers and black crusty flesh away from the wound (if your not sure if its scab or dead skin, just leave it till it scabs up well)

    once its good and clean let it dry some and then coat it in neosporin (make sure it doesnt have any pain relief) - then I'd keep him in a clean cage - not the coop for a few days till it scabs up well. while he is seperated get some powdered general antibiotic (there are many to chose from) and add to his water for a week to treat for that infection (thats where the yellow/green pus is from - an infection has already set in) if you leave him in the coop hes going to get it infected all over again and it wont be able to heal, though infection will kill him.

    clean it (flush or once it scabs use a wipe/rag) and apply ointment everyday for atleast 7 days. once its healing up really well you can slowly let him go back to the coop full time. (just keep an eye on him so he doesn't get picked on by other roos or bigger girls and they open his wounds back up) keep an eye on the wound to make sure if hes back in the coop it doesnt get re-opened. if it does - repeat the original care.

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