Foundchick alive,disemboweled,white worms in its guts.PICTURES,GRAPHIC

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    Feb 19, 2009
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    This didn't happen today, but 2 weeks ago. I was too disgusted to post right away. I took a chick that had just hatched away from it's mom because it couldn't keep up with it's older siblings. It appeared to be sealed up well in the "umbilical cord" area. I can't be sure though. I went away for 10 hours, came home and found it in a position that looked like it was sleeping. I gently turned it over to find it's intestines coming out and small, fat, worm like creatures in them. I euthanized it using the starting fluid method. No animals had access to it. Here is a picture:


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    Apr 15, 2009
    The umbilical must not have been sealed up because I believe those are maggots. Flies must have laid eggs on the chick's abdomen and the the maggots worked their way inside.

    I do rehab and have seen some truly nasty maggot situations.

    I'm so sorry about your chick.

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