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    Dear BYCF

    Has anyone had a situation melt down where a stranger appears requesting time, energy, attention, invaluable stock, and then turns on you? I'm currently in shock with hundreds of birds hatched for a party that evidently enjoys torturing people more than sustainable farming. I'm at a loss.

    I'm not interested in selling birds and haven't been in over 20 years because everytime I open the door to what seems like a decent person-my failures as a regular human being get in the way. I can't answer twenty emails from you every week. I don't keep records on every single bird. No you cannot have my breeding stock.

    Anyone interested in composite Rapa Nui, Black Quechua, Andes Quetero, Ona, Huapi, Colloncas, Shehuen, Olmec, Koro Sea, Crested Mapuche, Mapuche Huastec, Nikkei, my family line of Fayoumi and Old Egyptian, Ayam Cemani or Windham Hill Bleu Foot, please email me personally. Be prepared to provide shipping boxes and have a mind for the values instilled by honest rural living. No scam artists, no mean-spirited psychos and no dithering ninnies please.

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