Founder Is NOT A Death Sentance for your horse!!


9 Years
Mar 16, 2010
For those of you with horses, the word "Founder" in the title of this thread probably made you shudder. I know when I was growing up Founder was pretty much one of the worst things that could happen to your horse. It was almost always death sentance for the horse.

Not anymore.

I want to share my National Show Horse's story with you.

In the middle of June last year my 17 yr old NSH came up lame. Almost suddenly. I suspected an abscess, but I treated for such with no luck. Eh, no problem, I figured I'd take him to vet, they would find the abscess, drill, drain, I'd go home with a sound horse.

My first "child", whom I'd had since I was 14yrs old, had foundered in the front left foot. He had a nearly COMPLETE rotation of the coffin bone, and was less than millimeters from the coffin bone coming through the hoof sole.
The vet I used at the time said it was the end of the line for my best friend. He needed to be Euthanized that day, there was no hope, he would never be sound, and he would be in pain for the rest of his life.

I couldnt do it, and I even felt like a complete failure as a horse mom for it. How I could I get that kind of diagnosis, and NOT be able to end his "suffering"? But, he was still my horse, he walked around (albeit lame) he grazed, he ate and drank fine, nothing wrong with him but a bum leg.

My vet gave me the name of a guy in GA who, as he said, "has had some minor success with special trimming, but I personally dont think it will help, but you are more than welcome to call him and send him the xray pictures."
His name is Keith Seeley, and his is God's gift to the lame horse.

I sent him the xrays, and Keith believed we had a good chance of helping him. If we couldnt get him to 100% sound, he would at least be pain free to be a lawn ornament for the rest of his life.

A week later he worked on my boy, and has been working on him for almost a year now.

I am happy to tell you that he gave me the green light to start riding him for short sessions at a walk. RIDING him. The horse that should be DEAD... and he believes he will be back to 100% sound and working.

I also learned that not long after the vet sent me to Keith, he had euthanized at least 5 or 6 more horses without EVER mentioning Keith Seeley to them.

PLEASE get a second opinion when it comes to founder. Keith is an amazing person, he does work local, but if you are out of his area he will work with YOUR farrier to help your horse.

Founder is NOT a death sentance.
My best horse ever was founded when I got him at 9 years old. We hired an ecellent farrier and he was fine I owned him for over 10 years and rode him hunting all over Montana and Idaho.
That's great!

I'm still going to continue doing everything I can to prevent laminitis and founder in my horses.

Founder has, indeed, been a death sentence for many horses.

Some can be helped by trimming and some cases are more severe and trimming does not help.

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