Fountain Hills, Arizona?

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  1. Hubby and I may be visiting Arizona next month (it's been 30 years since either of us has been there and we've never been together). He has a software training in Fountain Hills.

    Is there anyone here from that area? What do you love most about your town? I've contacted the Chamber of Commerce but they won't talk about personal favorites (I work for a Chamber so I totally understand that). What do YOU like?

    Does anyone know if the airplane graveyard at Davis Monthan is open to the public?
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    I am in Flagstaff, which is up in the mountains from the Valley area that contains Fountain Hills, but I can tell you that the Boneyard at Davis Monthan, which is in Tucson, is still open and has tours. They also have an Air and Space museum in Tucson called Pima Air Museum. I dont know that much about Fountain Hills other than it looks pretty nice as you are passing through at warp speed, it is on the very outskirts of what I refer to as the Valley area. There is a fellow that goes by the handle,"Mahroni" and he lives in the Valley and can probably give you good advice.
  3. Thanks! I LOVED Flagstaff when I was there back in the day (just passing through...hitchhiked all over the US when I was a foolish kid...). It was COLD, though! And thanks for the Boneyard info...Steve was there ages ago and STILL talks about it so I know he wants to go back. [​IMG]

    If I could see my great aunt and uncle's place in Tucson and the Grand Canyon again before I go to my ultimate home, I'd be happy. But my aunt and uncle lived in an Airstream so I doubt if it's still there. [​IMG] I'm just going to look out over the desert and imagine them there.

    What's your favorite thing about Flagstaff?
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    Tonto Basin
    I live in between Flagstaff and Fountain Hills and we pass though Fountain Hills at warp speed too but we sometimes gas up there. I agree it is kind of part of the valley area. It is a popular place to live I know two people that live there. The fountain is kind of neat when it goes off. Sometimes there are craft fairs there but that is really all that I know about it other than it keeps getting bigger.
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    Greetings From Phoenix, AZ

    I'm about 25 minutes from Fountain hills, am a Bantam old English fan, and love airplaines, especially WW11. Have been to Davis Monthan AFB, and done a tour of the boneyard. It's been a while since I was there with another modeler fan friend, but I know there are tours. Try looking up Davis Monthan AFB and see what you find, I will do the same and if I get a hit, will post here again.
    I have no chickens at the moment as I can't have em here due to homeowners associations. Moved here a couple of years ago when I remarried. Soon as I retire in a few years I'm moving to a place we already own and build a coop and raise my beloved bantams once more.

    [email protected] Brian
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    OK folks;

    The Pima Air and Space museum does tours to Davis Monthan's graveyard, monday thru Friday, tours depart the museum grounds at
    10 am----11:30 am------1:30 pm.........3:00 pm

    Pima air museum phone number is 1-520-574-0462 I looked up Davis Monthan AFB, and didn't get much so went to Airplane Graveyards, and came up with the site on this stuff and the Pima Air museum and it lists these tours, try this address

    When we went we also did the Pima Air museum, and it has some really neat stuff also, both prop and jet stuff. Bring lots of film. We had some guys who went in off limit places and took pictures, only to have their cameras taken away and the military took all their film to destroy it, so use good sense, follow the guidelines and have a blast. There are literally thousands of planes stored there. I need to go again, it's been a while.
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    You'll also want to go see the fountain that kinda erupts. Just at sunset sitting on the grass with your sweety, its pretty cool.We moved from Arizona 3 years ago. I miss it.

    There is an air museum at Falcon Field in Mesa. Its not real far from Fountain Hills.

    Try Chapman Fighter Museum or Air Museum and this one below.

    Falcon Field has hosted several airshows over the years. Falcon Field has one air museum open to the public. The Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force has a variety of aircraft from WW I through Vietnam, including the most fully restored B-17 flying today B-17G Flying Fortress Sentimental Journey, B-25, C-45, SNJ, F4 Phantom, Migs 15 & 21 and other warbirds. Experience a flight back in time by taking a ride in the B-17, SNJ or C-45. Memorabilia displayed from WW II and visit the aviation gift shop. Museum is available for events. The Arizona Wing of the Commemorative Air Force Museum is located at 2017 N. Greenfield Road, at Falcon Field Airport at the intersection of Greenfield and Mckellips Road in Mesa, Arizona. For more information please visit the CAF website at: Telephone: (480) 924-1940.
    Go to the website to listen live to Falcon Tower.
  8. We had a marvelous time on our visit to Arizona. Fountain Hills is amazing -- the fountain is beautiful and has an interesting history. The people are enormously friendly and the scenery is unbelievable.

    We visited Monthan Davis after arriving in Phoenix and driving to Tombstone and spending the night there. What fun Tombstone is! The Chamber of Commerce folks there were SO nice...they pointed us to some treasures we would have otherwise missed and we actually got to watch bees swarming...I've never seen that before! The Pima Air & Space Museum is worth every cent and the docents are marvelous. I enjoyed that whole experience much more than I expected.

    We were able to visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon and it was inspiring enough that we came home determined to lose weight, get in shape and hike the Bright Angel trail in 2010. Since October 1, we have lost nearly 50 pounds between us.

    Hubby was laid off shortly after our return which has been a blessing since he worked about 60 miles from home -- we are so fortunate that he works in a field that has always allowed him to maintain a small base of private clients. He has done well expanding that base and it has been truly wonderful having him at home more.

    This may push back our plan to visit Arizona again in 2010, but heck, we've got the rest of our lives (and we pray they will be long!) and this will give us additional planning time.

    Thanks, everyone, for the comments and suggestions!
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    I was in Arizona in my teen years as part of a 4-H exchange program. I stayed with a family in Camp Verde. I loved the weather there, and the Grand Canyon. [​IMG]

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