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    Sep 6, 2010
    [​IMG] The girls started laying on december 28th. Iv'e been keeping track of how many a day on my calendar 2-4 a day. Iv'e given some to my neighbors and family. Just having four for me is plenty. they are RIR and they get alittle pushy now that they are grown women. I can't wait for warmer weather so they can get out more and graze in the yard. They're always pushing towards the door but I won't let them out because there is nothing to eat but a foot of snow that is not going anywhere soon. They keep warm at night with their body heat I always worry every morning til I see all four heads polking around. They are very vocal. I suppose they are talking amongst eachother saying "the conditions in this hotel are diplorable". or "I want to speak to your manager about the menu choices". Nagging girls. Their water freezes thats the only thing that is the pits. They seem very health and sturdy looking I keep hay in the lay boxes and the floor of the pen, it keeps it smelling fresh too, bonus.
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    Glad to hear your girls are laying. It is so fun to collect eggs every day! I finally ran and extension cord to my coop and added a heated waterer. I was breaking up ice about 3 times a day.

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