Four hens free to a good home - 30 minutes North of Atlanta

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    Four hens free to a good home. Two Easter Eggers, one Speckled Sussex, and one Dominique. I purchased these hens last spring, and was told they were under a year old and had just started laying. They laid well over the summer, but completely stopped producing eggs early in the fall and laid nothing until the last week in February, when we got three eggs. Since then there hasn't been a single egg. I love my hens, but the entire reason I have them is for the eggs. They appear healthy and happy and have been taken care of, so I suspect that I was sold hens that are older than represented. I don't have room to keep them and get additional laying hens, so I'm hoping to find them a good home (with someone who can pick them up). I'm about thirty minutes north of Atlanta. I can't keep them, but I also don't want to have to turn them into chicken stew :( Respond with your email address if interested and I will contact you.

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    Where are you located? I live in buford ga. can you send more pics? [email protected] Thanks
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    Your chickens may be exactly what we're looking for! We live near Columbia, SC, and could drive down to meet your girls on Saturday. We already have 4 chickens in our backyard that we got from friends who described them just as you are describing yours... "too old and not laying enough." We keep them as pets and they're pampered almost embarrassingly so by my son! He hand feeds them and sometimes takes one inside to sit on his lap while he watches tv!? (I admit to finding this sweet...) There's at least one who's still laying and the half dozen eggs we get a week are enjoyed. (We're vegetarians beyond eating the eggs our pets lay for us.) I was thinking about getting him some chicks for his 13th birthday this weekend, but I'll offer your girls to him instead if you think that'll work?
    [email protected]
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    Did these find a home?
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    Guys I wouldn't get your hopes up this person has not responded to emails,threads or PM's since they posted this here or on craigslist. Add needs to be removed!

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