Four hens, one stopped laying!

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    Feb 18, 2014
    Hi all,
    I have four chickens, all hens, one Wyandotte, one EE, two Buff Orps. They're all the same age (7 months old) and have all been giving me about 1 egg per day since they were 5+ months old (give or take a day here and there). The EE of course, is the only one giving us blue eggs, so it's always something we look forward to when we go to the nesting boxes.
    For the last 5 days, we have seen nothing from our EE. She seems fine, she's eating fine, not walking funny, I got a gander of her vent and it seems okay (not an expert at all, but after reading about being egg bound, she does not exhibit any of those symptoms). I felt around her vent area and I don't feel an egg-like object in that area.
    I feed them Baxter Barn 17% protein chicken feed and they also have a large 30x20 free range area that has trees, grass, dirt, etc. They have open access to their nesting boxes all day. They get meal worms as treats and kitchen scraps, fruit/veggies, etc. I keep oyster shell in their coop, etc.
    Any other reason she could have just stopped? I don't think she's been through any stress and they none of them seem to have begun to molt (think it's too early for that anyhow).
    Thanks for any replies.
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    Lack of daylight could be slowing her down. While new pullets will usually lay through the winter, they will slow down if they don't get 14 hours+ of light per day. Daylight is a big determining factor in egg laying.

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