four month old chicks sick one eye sealed shut

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    May 18, 2008
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    my four month old chicks and one cockerel are sick (12 so far are sick). Most all of them have one eye sealed shut or runny.

    Im treating with Sulfamethoxine.

    Am I doing the right thing? What could they have? I have noticed some droppings that look possibly like they may have blood.

  2. AriesF5

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I just went through this.
    The blood indicates Cocci. You need to get a med for it. If you can't get one today, give the chicks some Apple Cider Vinigar in their water. ACV is a natural anti-parasidic.

    The swollen eye is a conjuncivitus that can be caused by many things. Check their ventilation situation. If the coop is too "cooped up" let them run (if you have one), so that they can get fresh air. I also had to take the babies that had sealed eyes and use a warm moist compress to dissolve some of the hard crust over the eyes (every day so that it did not get worse). After using the warm water, I took just a bit of vasaline and put it on the edge of the eyes. Not a lot, just enought to get the skin a little moist. Try to avoid where the eyelids meet, and if you can see the gel in globs, you have too much on the eye.

    The baby that I had that looked the worst (both eyes sealed, and he couldn't open them without them bleeding from being opened) has made a woderful comeback. The vasaleen softened the crust for him to open his eyes, and the watery sympoms have been alleviated by the fresh air.

    Keep us posted on how they do.
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    is the sulfamethoxine you're using Sulmet?
    sulfamethoxine is a cocci med...but what form are you using?(liquid or powder)..what strength?
    is it Sodium Sulfamethoxine?
    the red in the droppings indicates cocci.
    Sulmet (sodium sulfamethoxine)..can also treat some respiratory illnesses.

    it's extremely important to follow the directions exactly.

    clean the eyes as above poster suggested..
    it could be conjuntivitis..(pink eye)..
    you should try and get some terramycin eye ointment from a feed/farm/livestock supply store.
    for now..if you have some polysporin lightly wipe around the eye..

    eye mucus and swelling could indicate respiratory illness..

    what bedding are you using?
    is there ammonia build odor?
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