FOUR Sebastopol Goose Eggs


12 Years
Feb 5, 2008
Eureka Springs, AR
My Sebastopol geese are laying! I have a flock of eleven Sebs. One of them has a non-curly chest, the rest are curly. The picture is certainly not doing them justice, they are much prettier than that!

Most came from Holderread's Waterfowl Farm.

Sebastopols are medium-sized geese, weighing 12 - 14 pounds when mature. They have large, rounded heads, prominent eyes, slightly arched necks, keelless breasts and dual lobes (fatty lobes that hang below the abdomen). The plumage of the head and upper two-thirds of the neck is normal, while that of the breast and underbody is elongated and well-curled. The soft, fluffy feathers of the back, wings and tail have flexible shafts, are attractively spiraled, and in good specimens are so long that they nearly touch the ground (Holderread, 1981). The curled feathers prevent flight making them easier to confine (Grow, 1972). Sebastopols produce 25-35 eggs annually. When handled carefully, they have a quiet and pleasant nature (Holderread, 1981).

Our ranch site is . BTW, I have 901 positive feedbacks on eBay since 1998!! 100% positive, NO negatives!!
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I decided if I am going to add geese to my menergy of feathered friends it would be the Sebastopol. They look like princesses. So they must appeal to the inner child. Everything that I have read on these beauties is positive other than the possibility of wingtip curls when a curly breasted is breed to a curly breasted. Anyone with that experience?
I've heard you shouldn't continually breed curly to curly, but I don't know if that's completely true or not. I have one smooth breast and 10 curly breasts. Some have wing tips that could be a little better and some have wing tips that are really nice.

Hello fellow Arkansan! I want Sebastopol's so bad..trying to warm my Husband up to the idea before I order any eggs or goslings though. Your's look gorgeous!!!

Ive been showing my DH photos for weeks now of Sebbies and saying all good things about them, hes now warmed to the idea so once my ducks are hatched hopefully I will be blessed with some Sebbie eggs if they are still laying. If not, there is always next year.
Please send payment information.

Yes we are excited

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