Fourteen from fourteen!

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    Finally today was the day they all laid an egg (I think) - but there's a mystery. I've never had more than two green eggs a day, and was afraid one of my EE's was laying brown eggs. I had already gathered two green eggs this morning around 10 am. Next time I went in to check around I saw one EE on the nest, I thought hmmm, now I'll know if she's the one laying the brown egg - but to my surprise when I went in at 3 pm, there were two green eggs again! I know no one laid late last night because I was out there late, the nest boxes were empty. So, someone laid two eggs today - or one of my other standard breeds is throwing green eggs (I doubt it!). In any event, fourteen from fourteen is pretty good (even though it may be from thirteen, one twice!)

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    beautiful eggs!
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    HOORAY! They are beautiful eggs too. [​IMG]

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    Beautiful egg carton palate.

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