Fowl Friends in Louisiana


Overrun with Runners
Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
While I don't have a television, I do get some news through the computer, and I wanted to start a little thread here on the Duck Forum to acknowledge the losses our Louisiana peeps are having right now.

I want to figure out what I might be able to help with from afar here in Southern New England, and just hold up the people and the critters going through this. Prayers of course, and hoping some of us can figure out what we might be able to do, each according to how they are led.

Also thinking of everyone who's up against it today, no matter where you are. Hoping and praying you can reach out, and someone nearby is alert to the need.



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May 3, 2009
New Jersey
Lost power and cable here last Friday. Power was restored in 24 hours but no cable/internet until yesterday. I knew that bad stuff was happening, but had no idea how bad until I started checking computer and TV news last night - horrendous. Weather extremes are happening worldwide. We have had house shaking thunderstorms at a level I have never experienced before 5 evenings in a row. I have no idea when the storms in Louisiana are supposed to stop.


Overrun with Runners
Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
Glad to hear from you, sourland.

I am aiming to take the most direct approach I can figure out, asking our BYC friends in the area what they might suggest (not to additionally burden them, but those who would like to guide people on what would be most effective).

For example, is there a group on the ground now who are particularly helpful? If we know who's there and helping, then some of us might be able to offer support to that group. If there are needs unmet, perhaps some of us can contact our networks and advise them of those needs (like poultry feed, medicine, veterinary help).


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Apr 12, 2014
I was just watching that on tv I wish we could divert the rain to Ca. were they are having those fires I feel guilty about complaining about the rain we been having all summer every day. if I text that number you can donate money .


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Feb 27, 2015
The farm I got some of my Anconas from, farmer quackleberry,is right in the middle of that. His family got out and he took some of his birds, but I think much of his flock is still there
. I follow him on facebook, maybe once they're a bit more settled he can share ways to help too.


Aug 10, 2016
You can search the typical charitable organizations that you like to help, as well as GoFundMe pages. I'm sure some of those will crop up if they haven't already.

I read somewhere that people are made aware of disasters and to donate now to these national and internationals charity organizations, but in reality, many of these groups are already using money that they got donated "last time" for some other disaster. It's because people's need to donate is especially high when there are disasters, so the attention is brought to the current disaster to get the donations flowing, which some may be used for current situations but a lot is probably used for future events.

They need money fast and the fastest way to get it is from money already donated previously, not what they're getting now. So as long as you know your money is going to help someone somewhere sometime, that's fine, but if you are thinking you really specifically want to help the people at this particular disaster, you might look for other smaller local organizations.

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