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    I have an emergency with fowl mites. Our coop is right next to the house, outside the baby room. It hasn't been a problem for 3 years but now mites have come into the house and are biting my baby!! How do I get rid of fowl mites and is there anything I can spray inside her room or bed?? Please help! Thanks! -Lisa
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    If it were me I would go down to the tractor supply and ask them what to use for this and clean up the whole chicken house etc. I once used diatomaceous for this and caught and dusted each bird... but it is easier to make thema dust wallor with ash ,diatom., and common dusting sulphur. Good luck and do not forget to clean their nest boxes and roosts too. These critters hide in the cracks of the coop.
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    Hi Lisa[​IMG] Welcome To BYC

    That sounds terrible! Makes me itch!

    Clean out the coop and treat your birds with a Permethrin based spray or poultry dust - these can usually be found at your local feed store.

    Since they are infesting your home and biting your baby, you may want to consult a professional exterminator and have them either treat the house or advise you on safe products to use around an infant. If that is not possible, then you may want to launder everything and move your baby to another part of the house while you treat the room - you will have to do some research/reading to determine what products you feel are safe to use for treating your infant's room.

    Here's some product you can use for your chickens and coop:

    Information on lice/mites that affect poultry:
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