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Mar 20, 2017
Rio Communities, NM
Hello all, today I happened to be working by the coop and looked up and my wooden privacy fence had these little bugs that scattered when I accidentally stepped there, what the heck were these bugs?? I did searches and finally found out about the Northern Fowl Mite!! Well it hasn't gotten into the coop yet because I keep it clean and use herbs in the nesting boxes. My question is how do I get rid of this swarm before it gets to my chickens( we checked them) and gets into the walls in the coop?? I really dislike any bugs let alone a swarm of tiny ones that moves quickly!! Please give me as much information on what works to kill them. Thanks Goji


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There is a PDF online on northern fowl mites by Penn State University on treatment and info. Search how to kill fowl mites on Google it should come up. I don't know how to link PDF or I would post for you. A diluted bleach solution can help since it's not on chickens.
7 dust... or seven dust... don't know which is correct name.... its outside in our shed...anyway give them a good dusting.... we use a kitty litter box.... we also dust in and outside the coop.... along with diamatious earth.... darn don't know that spelling at the moment either.... but be careful of the nostrils, it pretty much will kill them instantly but will probably need another application 10 days later...
X2 on those and also hyssop, wormwood and thyme in dust baths with any other insect repelling herbs you can do that in nest boxes too. All that will help ensure your birds stay bug free. I never put sevin dust on animals, some ppl do with success tho.
Here in Washington State.... it seems to be the only thing that kills them, almost instantly. It works for us.... I don't know about everyone else... are birds are fine, and it gets the bugs off... but as always, use caution, read directions, and of coarse if there is any organic products that kills them... use it...!!!

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