Fowl pox and chicks?


8 Years
Oct 7, 2014
About a week ago I noticed a spot on the comb of one of my OEGB roosters. I thought it was just a normal injury from a scuffle with one of the other chickens, so I just shrugged it off. Then it go worse and I noticed some if the others getting spots on their face and combs,so I separated the ones that had spots on them. The spots started out white and then got a dark color. I've looked in everyone's mouth and haven't seen any lesions yet so I think it's the dry kind. Does this look like fowl pox to you guys?

This is the first one I noticed the spots on. I have a pond behind my house so I'm thinking this came from mosquitoes from that pond.

Here's my main question, how, when and should I vaccinate my 20 day old chicks? What's the vaccine I need? I hatched the chicks myself and been very cautious since I've noticed the spots. What can I do to prevent another out break? How can I help the ones that already have it? Should I do something about the mosquitoes?
It is hard to prevent fowlpox in tropical areas such as where you live. It can slowly go through the flock over several months since it can spread by mosquitoes and when scabs drop off and are breathed in. Chickens infected should be immune from that strain of cirus after recovery. Vaccines can be given in the first weeks of life, and then again when they are 3-4 months old. Here is some reading about prevention and vaccination:

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