Fowl Pox & Baby Chicks

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    Found out my large grown birds have fowl pox right before I received my baby chicks. Panic!! After days and days of searching, I found out that the manufacturer doesn't make the one-day old chick vaccine for small pox anymore. Once the supply runs out, there is no more. Does anyone know where I could find some?

    Alternatively, does anyone know how this effects baby chicks? They are 1.5 weeks old now and I'm getting nervous because I'll have to move them outside soon. They are currently in my guest bathroom--long story. Once outside, they'll be separated from the infected flock (large fowl) by about 100 feet. Thoughts? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    We had this last year. One of our broody hens was very sick with it and passed it on to her 3 day old chick. He did not do well at stunted his growth and it affected how he behaved even afterwards - but he was directly exposed to her lesions right from the start. We had another broody with day olds that were hardly affected, and they were also running with the rest of the flock. In our flock the pox affected a few chickens pretty bad, but the majority were pretty mildly affected. I'd expect the same with your group of chicks.

    One good thing is that that once exposed all of your chickens will be immune. I'm not sure you can keep your little ones from being exposed, especially since you'll be taking care of both groups and can spread it that way. Be as careful as possible. Give them good food and some protein treats to try to keep them strong. Separate sick ones and make sure they also eat and drink well. Nutri-drench is great (diluted!).

    Let us know how it's going.

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