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Apr 16, 2014
Hello everyone, one of my chickens has died as a result of fowl pox and all the chicks have it as well. What food can I give them to recover? Will this sickness pass? I have read a lot of articles and advice, most say I should just let it go its course, but what if they all die? I will be devastated. Any advice will be much appreciated!


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Nov 27, 2008
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Welcome to BYC and sorry for your loss. Fowl pox is a virus, non treatable. Antibiotics may help with secondary infections due to a bird scratching a fowl pox nodule and the nodule becoming infected for example.
The only way a chicken can die from fowl pox is if it's wet fowl pox. Lesions appear in the birds mouth, esophagus, and respiratory tract. Birds normally die from starvation, unable to swallow feed. If in fact it's wet pox, you can try to remove the lesions in the mouth. There will be blood, then swab the mouth with iodine. Perhaps birds can then swallow feed. However if lesions are in the respiratory tract, birds will most likely die.
Dry pox is usually seen as nodules/wartlike bumps on combs, wattles, sometimes legs. It will pass slowly through your flock and will clear up in a month or so. You can put black shoe polish or iodine on the infective scabs on the combs/wattles to dry them quicker if you wish. Dont let iodine get in the birds eyes or nostrils if you decide to apply it. Eggs are safe to eat.
Fowl pox is mainly transmitted by mosquitos. I recommend that you empty containers, bird baths etc...on your property that may hold water.
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