Fowl pox in about 25% of my hens - should I treat?

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    Oct 28, 2009
    I have 22 hens that are now 5 months old (4 different breeds -- Rhode Island Red, White Leghorn, Black Minorca and Cuckoo Moran) and have recently noticed the brown warty lesions on the combs of 5 or 6 of them, mostly the Leghorns. Mosquitoes haven't been a big problem. They don't seem to be terribly affected by it, still eating and the leghorns have even started laying in the past week. Should I vaccinate everyone or just let it run it's course? Any suggestions on what I can do to keep their immune systems strong while they muddle through it? And how long can I expect this to last?
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    Dry pox went thru my flock a couple weeks ago. It was not a big deal except for the 3 that had wet pox. It's a virus so there isn't much you can do. Just keep an eye on em. The lesions can become infected so if you notice them scratching apply iodine. Make sure they are eating and drinking ok and if you notice respiratory problems developing consider antibiotics. I medicated the 3 with wet pox with Tylan for 5 days and saw significant improvement after just one day.

    Good luck!
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    And clean out their coop really well once the scabs drop! It runs it's course and then they are immune. Just watch for any close to the eyes. Mone had 2 and her eye swelled up and shut. I treated with saline solution and antibiotic ointment and she was OK after a couple of days.

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