Fowl Pox in my RIR Rooster

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    Jul 7, 2011
    Hi! This is my first post, although I have looked around and read up on some things previous to this. The main thing I read up on was people's experiences with Fowl Pox, and what they were doing about it. I have a Rooster who was exhibiting all the symptoms...

    I am a Cancer Survivor, and because of that I am not a fan of Western Allopathic Medicine. If you are, then I wish you well, and I may have no information of any interest to you. My experiences with "Medicine" have been less than satisfactory. So, I have done a lot of research on alternative healing, and its efficacy. I am thoroughly convinced that most anything can be cured without using products that have deleterious side effects. All drugs have some kind of lingering side effects, even if we cannot see/feel them at the time.

    So back to my RIR Roo... I noticed some Black spots on his magnificent comb that were new to me, and I came here to BYC to find out what they were, and what to do about it. It was definitely defined as Fowl Pox per the descriptions supplied...

    Luckily for me, although my wife and I have only had this four year old Roo for a couple of months, my wife had previously had him when he was young and had fed him by hand, so medicating him separately was little problem. When I realized that the preferred treatments were types of antibiotics, I started to back off from treating him at all, but then I realized that his breathing was labored and sounded like he had fluid in his lungs causing a bubbling sound when he breathed.

    I hand fed him a couple of times to get closer to him, and realized further that he had a temperature as well, which gave me more reason for concern. I searched my mind for what we might have on hand that would maybe have some positive effect on the situation and realized that we had a bottle of Tea Tree Oil in the Medicine cabinet that I could use.

    So the next time I fed him by hand a few (three or four) drops of Tea Tree Oil were added to his Layer Pellets. He ate them without any concern, and even ate two handfuls of pellets. I did this for two days before I noticed any improvement, but on the third day, I noticed that his energy was better, and he didn't seem to have as much fluid in his lungs. Since then he has been getting better and better, and now on the seventh day he is not exhibiting any lung fluid at all, and now won't eat the medicated pellets. (I guess he can smell them now.) There are still a couple of spots on his comb, but the comb itself is looking much better, and he doesn't have a fever any more. I'd have to say that he is well on the road to wellness, and we will not have to go through that over Fowl Pox again...

    I'd like to express my heartfelt Thanks to all of the folks who have shared their experiences and shared their advice to the noobies like me, who sometimes have no other reliable place to turn in an emergency. I hope that this little note will help some others who may feel trapped into using the drugs of Western Medicine rather than a more Holistic approach.

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