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Pollito Pelon

Mar 23, 2021
Can chickens get fowl pox more than once?
I currently have my whole flock with fowl pox as it's rainy season and mosquitos everywhere
I had 1 roosters and 3 hens one passed away that didn't get fowl pox while the other got it severely. Is it possible that they are immune or can they get it again.
One of my roosters got it and the other one didn't he even grab the hens where they were infected when mounting but nothing
Yes, I'm currently treating a repeat case in a small 2 year old bantam hen. She had pox appear a few months ago, and recently again. For me pox outbreaks that worsen instead of scab and heal usually indicates worms, so I immediately deworm when they appear and they usually clear up in days after.

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