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    Where can I get fowl pox chicken shot? How much would it cost?[​IMG]
  2. There are two versions of fowl pox vaccine. One is for chicks and one is for older birds. Most well stocked poultry product suppliers carry it or can get it for you. It is a live vaccine that comes in two vials that have to be mixed. It has to remain refrigerated. Once mixed, the vaccine is only good for about 30 minutes. The smallest dose vial it comes in is 1000 doses. It generally runs around $5 for the vaccine. It is very costly to have it shipped as it needs to be shipped overnight or express mail. It is administered by way of wing web applicator. It is a small two pronged instrument that looks like a sewing seam ripper. The prongs have a small groove in each one. The applicator is dipped into the vaccine and then it is pushed completely through the web of the wing.
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    You can vaccinate or let it runs its course. Most every one who has chickens has had fowl pox which generally lasts about 2 weeks.

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